This is because your keyboard isn’t designed to allow more than 2 keys to be pressed at once. My experience with these is that they are satisfactory but nothing special. For example ghosting is a commonly reported problem with the Logitech Illuminated keyboard, a backlit scissor switch keyboard. That is anti-ghosting or n-key rollover as it’s sometimes known. The time now is Saturday, December 29 Enjoy the flexibility of a multi-zone system or immerse yourself in exhilarating surround sound using any combination of 11 channels.

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Maybe I am asking too much but my perfect keyboard does not exist it’s as simple as that!

Memorex MX – keyboard – matte chrome Overview – CNET

My experience with these is that they are satisfactory but nothing special. That combination is not really used outside gaming and the keyboard wasn’t designed for gaming. One plus with cherry is they come in a mx520 colours types with different amounts of resistance and feedback to suit most people.

KeySkin Typing Tutors hide the keys of your keyboard while protecting against dust, spills, and germs to help you learn the keys and layout of your keyboard. It’s worth a look at though, it might be a keyborad pricey for you. Maybe someone else here can explain what a Topre switch feels like?

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Easy to install and easy to remove Use over and over, lasts keyboad years Learn how to type and protect your keyboards at the same time. Samsung Pro Gb Graphics card s: Multimedia controls are something I can live without however the volume wheels found on the top right of certain Logitech and Corsair keyboards I find extremely handy and nice to use so given the chance I’d gladly add this to my perfect board.


There a many options to choose from out there with varying features and price tags. I love it to bits and it has tons of features.

Rubber dome or membrane keys are used in most boards. It’s also pretty cheap so what’s the problem? Precisely planned, circuit-routed and designed with a symmetrical power amplifier layout, the MX-A achieves optimal channel separation with left and right sides being both physically and electrically isolated.

This is a must have feature so my search for the perfect keyboard just got a whole lot harder. The rear of the MX-A features high-quality, gold-plated terminals that are compatible with Y plugs spade connectors for optimal connections with speakers.

The bottom frame reduces the transmission of vibration produced by the large power supply transformer and heat sinks. The closest thing I can find is the Gigabyte Stealth K7.

The search for the perfect keyboard

Intel Core i7 k Memory: It’s not tenkeyless and it has no macro keys but at least it has a scissor switches, anti-ghosting, md5200 wheel and backlighting. Athlon II X4 2. Precision molded from flexible, durable polyurethane material. Dell 21″ ips something. Opaque “no peeking” material covers the entire keyboard so students must memorize.


Unfortunately almost all of them use Cherry switches and none have scissor switches as far as I know. It’s been two months since I started keybooard for a similar keyboard of your description which is still quite affordable but yet nothing. This is because your keyboard isn’t designed to allow more than 2 keys to be pressed at once. Windows 7 Professional 64 bit SP1 Monitor s: A direct effect of this engineering is keyboarx minimized energy loss and quality reproduction of sound sources.

I am a heavy gamer, programmer and and occasionally I write long boring forum posts so I want to have a really decent keyboard. Perhaps I am too fussy but I just can’t find any keyboard that really fits my particular style.

Another feature that can be seen as a gimmick or a useful feature depending on the user is backlighting.

Now I’ve listed the main switch types I’d like to mention a few other features I look out for on keyboards. I apologise for this semi-rant but it might be useful to someone looking for a new keyboard.