My observation, however, is that MSCDEX puts the last, rather than the first, drive letter assigned to this driver in the drive-letter field. Or you could connect the cd drive to the sound cards IDE port. I know the drive itself is installed correctly. For more like these, click here. If you still encounter problems, attach to the other IDE port if your motherboard has one, or look on your favorite auction site for an ISA IDE adapter and see if you have better luck with that.

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Meridian Ada introduces a further complication for discriminant records whose discriminant may change during the execution of the program by preceding the discriminant with a constrained flag byte. What specific errors are you getting when booting?

Microsoft DOS mscdex command

I have found the correct driver http: However, this disk is blank. The first problem relates to alignment holes.

If you have problems with any type of errors having to do with “not enough drives” you will need to add a cx to the config. But the rest of your answer was helpful, so I didn’t. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

In Windows 95 this file is located in the C: Alignment holes occur when space is inserted between the components of a record to satisfy alignment requirements of the individual components.



The extension consists of the three fields after the device name: Echo Off And the second line this: Thanks for your help guys. Secondly, is there a sony-specific SCSI driver out there I have not yet found or is there a more generic driver I can use? Subsequent calls are directed to the interrupt routine and assume the request-header address was stored on the original open call. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Information about the driver mscdec displayed. Many, if no most mscdes them do. As far as e-mail privacy goes, a free e-mail account from any number of services can be setup for a one time use.

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Mzcdex request is passed to the driver in two calls. I concurred with him that the thing should be ditched at this point since he does not want to put another dime into it Thanks mmscdex the speedy reply, Vernon! BAT, you should get two messages, one from each part of the driver, that will tell you the status of the driver load. Dynamically allocated buffers are used in the server. The server program was written in Ada. The client program is written in MASM.


The link parameters, -G -s -mwere used to invoke global optimization and to increase the tasking stack and main-program stack space, respectively.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: A Guide to Finding, Removing and Preventing Online Pests If you msceex keep up with security fixes, your computer network won’t be yours for long.

WinWorld: MS CD Extensions (MSCDEX)

Fortunately, request headers are only about 30 bytes in length and there is not a great deal of overhead associated with the conversion. If you get messages indicating a load failure or success, then at least you know what is going on.

You are at the www. If you are concerned about a virus, simply save them to diskette and scan the diskette before running the installer. You may have to register before you can post: Email Required, but never shown. Thus, the strategy routine can be reduced to a return statement and the mecdex address stored upon entry to the interrupt routine.