The time now is I checked the link in the list but the domain is gone. You must log in or register to reply here. And if so, is it a case of just putting it in the right folder, or do I need to use a patching program? I made the files myself, extracting the data from my original Playstation discs with CDRWin to my harddrive.

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I don’t need pictures though; I’m not that dumb, I think. I hope you’re still around right now, Montpics. After I made an image, I mount it onto a virtual drive that Cc is already create it for you after you install the software.

Tomb Raider and ePSXe

TirithRRMay 23, The virtual drive made by FantomCD can be checked in options provided in the program. Just set the game image that need to be run on Mooby2 configuration.

Err, I can’t help you at the moment as I am in CyberCafes to play online. I’m also trying to get CTR to work by following these http: Oh, by the way, can I use Daemon Tools, which I already have, to mount the image from Fantom CD or do I have to use the same program to create the virtual drive?


And it surely works on my ePSXe 1.

SFX but no background music with ePSXe | RomUlation

Members online No members online now. Do I need to use another extraction program, like Nero please only recommend this if you know from experience that it will do the job with the TRs; I’d prefer not to download and install a ton of programs I don’t need?

I’m not bothered about getting the other two working, but are there any other get-arounds for use in Epsxe?

dixk It creates a virtual CD-Rom drive on your hard disk Set the drive on virtual drive that the image had been mounted into. Hard core Rikki Super Moderator Staff member. Each folder leading to a blank screen. Or should I put a screenshots for you to make it more clearly?

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Thanks for any help! Cf has an epsxe plugins pack plugins available separately too. If there is, then you made it right on track.

Rooreelooo New Member Apr 12, TirithRRMay 21, Where can I find Mooby2 cd disc image driver 8. What am I doing wrong?


Spyro 3 – Error in loading

Joined Jan 11, Messages 23 Reactions 0 Points 0. I finally got through to the ngemu. I’ve done some internet research on this anomaly and have read that the problem has to mooby with ePSXe accessing the audio tracks in the game image.

Anyway, are you sure that emulator is working at all? It looked discoloured and fuzzy, but it 22 alright. I just got my hands on my mates PAL copy, and this works perfectly.

Share This Page Tweet. I’ve tried dd a save state and copying it over but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m using the 1. Some say that I have to combine the.

dc I’ve tried working around the error in other emulators, but both of them get interesting errors. For the Mooby2, You only need to select the game image.