The present invention also relates to the genomic sequence and nucleotide sequences encoding polypeptides of Listeria inrzocua, such as cellular envelope polypeptides, secreted or specific, or involved in the metabolism and the replication process, as well as vectors including the said sequences and cells or animals transformed with these vectors. The nucleotide sequence constituting the vaccine composition of the invention may be injected into the host after having been coupled to compounds which promote the penetration of this polynucleotide inside the cell or its transport to the cell nucleus. The most effective method currently used, the gel migration pattern in pulsed fields PFGE after digestion of the chromosomal DNA is a very cumbersome method that can not be implemented systematically. Unmarked sequences of polynucleotides of the invention can be used directly as a probe or primer. The final wash is performed in 0.

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Simplistically, one fixed representative peptides of different proteins of an organism on a support. In particular, it is possible to identify nucleotide sequences according mmmp the invention, facilitating secretion in mknton a prokaryotic or eukaryotic system. Preferably, the invention relates to a nucleotide sequence according to the invention, characterized in that it encodes a polypeptide of Listeria monocytogenes 4b imiocua or or a fragment thereof involved in the translation process.

It is also noteworthy that the mniton of listeriosis is variable depending on the strain of contaminating Listenia.

In another aspect, preferably, the invention relates to a polypeptide according to the invention, characterized in that it is a polypeptide of Listeria innocua or monocytogenes 4b or a fragment thereof involved in the process transport and binding proteins. This technique requires choosing pairs of oligonucleotide primers framing the fragment to be amplified.

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PCR-like is meant all methods using aeuvre direct or indirect reproductions of nucleic acid sequences, or in which the labeling systems have been amplified, these techniques are of course known. It was carried out either by sequencing PCR products or clones walking on the bank.


Preferably, the invention relates to a nucleotide sequence according to the invention, characterized in that it codes for a polypeptide of this cell envelope or Listeria innocua or surface monocytogenes 4b or to a fragment thereof. The final wash is performed in 0. Representative fragments of the invention can be obtained for example, by specific amplification such as PCR, or after digestion with appropriate restriction enzymes of nucleotide sequences according to the invention, this method is particularly described in Sambrook et al.

Their modes of administration, dosages and galenic forms can be determined according to criteria generally considered in establishing a suitable treatment for a patient such as age or body weight of the patient, the severity of the general condition, tolerance to the treatment and the side effects.

By modified nucleotide sequence is also meant any nucleotide sequence encoding a modified polypeptide as defined below. This method is based on the specific amplification of DNA, in particular by a chain amplification reaction.

In ,mp aspect, preferably, the invention minhon to a polypeptide according to the invention, characterized in that it is a polypeptide Listenia innocua or monocytogenes 4b or a fragment thereof in sensitivity medicines and the like. To achieve this, the DNA of all or part of the genes of L.

The coupling between a polypeptide according to the invention and a polypeptide 10 immunogen can be made by chemically or 30177. In particular, it is possible to study and determine the polymorphism regions between said strains.

The invention also comprises the vectors characterized in that they contain one of said hybrid nucleotide sequences. Are also meant by microorganism associated in the present invention, any microorganism having the nucleotide sequences or polypeptides according to the invention. Minto of the sequences that follow a specific control scheme can also be utilized to search in a directed manner, for example by homology to other sequences according globally, but in slightly different ways the same control scheme.


CLIP strain was isolated from a milk product. The vectors according to the invention are, for example plasmid or viral vectors. These could be of the “chip” with DNA or another type. It also provides a pernettant tool to identify genes whose expression follows a specific pattern. Those skilled in the art will recognize, from these specific sequences according to the invention, draw the primers or probes, produce specific peptides or antibodies directed against these peptides necessary for the implementation of these diagnostic methods or diagnostic kit development as presented below or standards.

It is important to note, however, that a living organism is a whole and should be taken as such. The present invention provides all the naturally active sequences in Miinton. This technique leads to the expression of the vaccine protein in situ and to a 25 immune response of cellular type CTL and humoral antibody.

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Antibodies according to the present invention can also be used to detect expression of a gene of Listeria monocytogenes imiocua or 4b or related microorganisms. II must be stably maintained in the host cell and may optionally possess particular signals specifying the secretion of the translated protein. Can be, for example, to refer advantageously to the technique for producing genes encoding imnton proteins described by Minton in This type of vaccination is carried out with a particular plasmid derived from an E.

For this purpose, the nucleotide sequences of the invention can be inserted into autonomous replication vectors within the chosen host, or be integrative vectors mijton the chosen host. After 30017 and separation of the proteins on the polyacrylamide gel, said proteins are transferred to a suitable membrane e.