A little googling seems to suggest that that driver hasn’t been supported since before version 6, so it might still have worked, but even then it was probably no longer supported. Yes, this method transfer data in run time. Can you show what code was being executed when the error occurred? I can connect to oracle using sqlplus. Have you checked whether 8. Rishi, I’m trying to get my Lotusscript code to connect to oracle but get the following error:

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Any help will be highly appreciated.

Learn from thousands of community experts Get answers to your technical questions Share your knowledge with peers 1, I,m using Lotus Notes client version 8. And your post is quite lite and simple! Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

Here is the one, Lotys 10g Express Third, I needed correct jdbc driver which should be compatible with Oracle 10g. Notes Design Blog Loading I did “lsnrctl status” and the listener is ok and the service “XE” is registered with it.

Table of connectivity solutions

For more detailed information, please consult error-log It looks like it can’t find the jdbc connection file. I can connect to oracle using sqlplus. I’m using Lotus Notes client version 8.


I’ve mentioned same in the blog. Here is the code which establish connection with Oracle.

JDBC for Domino – Connectivity error | Oracle Community

Funny thing was that, I studied Java in my graduation and never ever used in working environment except some simple domino java agents. The content in JDBC file is:. So, I would say Java offers several benefits: Oracle thin driver is entirely written in Java so no other software need to install to use this driver where as Oracle OCI driver requires Oracle client to be installed in order to use this driver.

Brian Gleeson – IBM 2, 8 JDBC installed, but getting error trying to notess to Oracle. Though it’s just a POC to kick off my projectBut definitely got some confidence to start my jebc Java project in Domino.

I am asking these questions becoz I am new as well in this area. Sign up using Facebook. Command Not Handled Exception” occurs.

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This content has been marked as final. Only found one funny thing, While connecting to the database it’s mentioned to use connection. If someone can put some light also on lofus issue I will apreciate very much.


Few basic questions for me because i know nothing about this environmnet. However it’s not very good for large volume of data,though I was notfs suppose to consider because it needs DSN. Thanks in advance Jordi. I also did a “tnsping XE” to check the listener and its running fine. The file should be namesd db2.

Table of connectivity solutions

Now coming to the post. And the other question is does the oracle needs to be installed on every machine or not. This is the most important line which needs little bit knowledge of Oracle otherwise you might struggle like me: The agent which you are creating to fetch or push the data, is this a agent created in the domino db?

OracleDriver ; Botes driver is registered we need to establish a connection with the Oracle.