This is the device: Unfortunately I have too much to do at the moment, so I can’t really play with the Kohji. Posted by Naomi 2 comments: Kohjinsha SH8 news and review updates. Afterwards I read a few negative comments where users weren’t satisfied with the keyboard of the SA series.

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Also, loading Vista takes longer than usual and I have a blank screen for a minute before the login screen appears. KohjinshaSH8ubuntu. Posted by Naomi 5 comments: Unfortunately this didn’t solve the problem.

We didnt find it pretty in white so our recommendation is to go for the black. Gadgets Arabia video review – SH8 pt2.

The screen rotation is a really nice feature of the Kohji – especially in combination with the touch screen. However here’s one first size comparision Kohjinsha SH8 Specifications, images and news.

Posted by Ah8 3 comments: Posted by Naomi 18 comments: I tried what was suggested, i. Posted by Naomi No comments: Apparently Kohjinsha made some improvements, because the keyboard of the SH8 isn’t bad.


Kohjinsha SH-series UMPC bumped to Intel A processor

I will keep you kohjinsya to date Posted by Naomi 10 comments: First Impressions – Vye S It let me choose the angle of rotation, but then nothing happened. Kohjinsha SH8 news and review updates. But after restarting the X server again it still didn’t work. However, unfortunately the touch screen isn’t working yet for me. I considered OpenSuse and Ubuntu since I used both in the past, however I eventually chose Ubuntu, because of its massive support by the community ubuntuforums!

Kohjinsha SH8 Blog

Kevin Tofel takes a look at the Vye S References will kojhinsha soon This is the device: PCPro review of the Vye S Gadgets Arabia video review – SH8 pt1. However, this code seems to refer to some Office update problems – but I don’t even have MS Office installed I get a different error code for that: I just installed the old version which came with the Kohji 7.

Screen quality is good and the mouse pointer is very intuitive. Advent U1a7. Hanbit Pad7.


I was positively surprised by Windows Vista, which I haven’t tried before, but a computer is only usable if it is capable of running Linux. When I pressed the rotation button, the rotation icons popped up on the screen as always. It’s probably a good idea to get this done automatically, which I will do and post here later.

I haven’t tried it under Ubuntu yet, since the touch screen isn’t working mohjinsha anyway see earlier postbut I use it quite a lot under Vista – mainly to read and annotate pdf files.