Your message has been submitted successfully. BTW, there is a bit of a break-in period with these. Perhaps in the meantime, I will get used to the Trackpad, which, at the moment, drives me scatty, with its ability to do things I don’t want it to do. I get a much better “feeling” from the mouse with the samples set to , even though the testing software said it doesnt do that?? I think you know it’s time to break the mouse habit I’ve messed with a trackball but never adjusted any settings, and found it so different to what I was used to that I didn’t even give it a chance. Light colour , modern designed kitchen , with built in oven, extractor fan and granite tops Dinn Johannesburg 2 weeks ago.

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The Acceleration Curves drive me up the wall. Have you or anyone tried a Wacom tablet?

It simply loses its ability to track in a certain direction. I think I’ll send them an email.

Posted May 24, May be worth checking out. I also kensjngton one of the wireless Logitec USB trackballs, and that’s also very nice I bring it kenwington for use with a lap top. Yet another vote for the Kensington Pro Turbo Wireless trackball. Just short of five years, it went south and was replaced free of charge by Kensington great warranty. Go To Topic Listing Actresses. It can be customized by the user. I think you’ll be ok. This is a spacious family home with 3 lovely large bedrooms with bu Johannesburg 1 week ago.


I also don’t have any problems with precise moves. They discontinued these years ago, but people still get as much or more than orig retail on ebay for them!

Best trackball ? [Archive] – Avid Pro Audio Community

Hurley played the daughter of the original Mrs. This is a spacious family home with qabll lovely large bedrooms with bu. Granted, they broke too, but damn they are fast at replacements I think she is one of the few women who can wear skimpy outfits and show cleavage and still be elegant. Get an email notification for any Results for “ball claw” in Property in Gauteng when they become available.

Henrik- I use the Expert Mouse Pro with no problems at all.

Kensington has been smooth as glass for ten years Entrance hall leads to open plan lounge and dining room with gas fireplace. Lovely renovated home within walking distance to Dunvegan Primary. On a plus for Kensington, anytime a product DID breakdown, they had a new one at my doorstep for free within two days. Well, I’d like to cast another vote for Logitech. I am very concerned about the Lion OS.


“ball claw” in Property in Gauteng

The problem Mt Everest mentioned losing one axis of movement has happened to me 3 times now, and I’m done. It “works”, but even though I reinstalled the latest driver, the configuration app says that the Q Ball is “not kensjngton, and my configuration settings are ignored.

We failed to create your alert. Neither of those devices is listed as a prerequisite for Lion though. From watching the videos and demos, I don’t think Lion will take anything away from your ability to navigate with a trackball. I use the Cordless Trackman Wheel http: I have 3 Kensington Expert wireless trackballs and have been able to get by but the Mouseworks software is essentially unworkable.

Penguin Wireless Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse.