Since i bought only 2 functions i dunt know how to use. Can somebody help me? While holding left and right soft buttons together, press the soft reset hole just above the battery compartment unlock slide switch with your stylus. Thanks,Pavan Pavan said this on August 6, at It is also very stable. Mike said this on May 16, at 1: I have downloaded the HTC home plugin and loaded to my Imate.

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JasJam is really good phone and i recommend this to every pocket pc user. To fix the automatic connection to the gprs u can download a free program HTweakc from www.

The original 3 tabs vsita beo found at:.

Windows Mobile 6 on my i-mate JASJAM | Brian Chau

I bought one of these from Trademe and now are regretting my purchase as I assumed that it supports Skype but it does not at the moment. Dropped it back to GSM only which was better, but still getting drop outs and poor reception. It looks like a problem of WM 5. Ahmed said this on December 22, at Yesterday I was driving in the Australian Outback-between Grafton and Byron Bay, where other operators are challenged to provide GSM coverage and with just one bar of reception I was able to download heavy www.


Read my first post on the URLs.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Cheers Darren Parker said this on August 23, at 6: Hi im also new to this upgrading to WM6, just wondering if i do upgrade via the links that r above, say the Black Vjsta ROM, wat programs will be installed with it.

Windows Vissta device failed to connect due to Receive Connection 0xaa failure see data for failure code. That would give you an idea about the upgrade progress and if anything goes wrong, you can still call on Telstra for tech support.

i-mate JASJAM – User opinions and reviews – page 26

I had this issue with MDC when I installed Vista, I found that the MDC has not installed correctly so downloaded it again from the MS web site and its been jasjaj ever since, now syncing multiple devices through the device centre. This probably has to same effect as the above. Danny said this on September 3, vksta Jemoxy said this on April 7, at 6: Always on the lookout for the latest and the greatest to put on my phone.

MARK said this on October vidta, at 4: I’m thinking of buying a JasJam and use on the vodafone network. I even went as far as to warrenty exchange my phone thinking it was the issue well Upgraded my phone last night and this version is even more customizable.


Will update this post when Satin is released. I clicked the link and it let me save the file onto my hard drive.

Jasjam And Vista Drama

And did you flash to Hard SPL yet? Good Luck and have fun. Problem surfaced even without any additional software installed.

Also, how’s the quality of the LCD? As i have heard visha many Telstra shops, the average return rate for these JasJams are around 20 out of every sold. Try hard reset which will delete all your data and app settings and see if that works.

In mobile phone competition, it hard finding the best but reliable one. The phone will automatically detect the mp3, tat mean you can set the sms alert just like the usual way. Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. Premal said this on September 30, at Otherwise it seems to be a nice unit and I like the slide out keyboard.

If not, try another ROM.