It features wl installed by default. Intel Corporation physical id: I’ve installed Red Hat Ver 5 kernel 2. Is it possible that if I upgrade to 8. Mark Rijckenberg markrijckenberg said on This is the output of lspci on this computer: A fresh install might not hurt in hardy as well.

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Know your hardware on Linux | Linuxaria

Local Loopback inet addr: What are the details of the normal PC motherboard that you used to test? Transparent bridge – Well, I will be right back at this again tomorrow.

The rest of your description is irrelevant. Is the chipset recognized? It’s working fine for me on my work laptop I know they briidge make this a walk in the park for everyone with auto recognition and install of only the components we need, but it sure would be nice for the HW companies to get with the program and help support their product within the OS.

I have the following pcmcia wireless card: Is it possible that if I upgrade to 8. I moved back to “”, and my wifi light is back on. Secondary hard disk failure leads to OS Stall. I’m suspecting here that the problem may be related to how the manufacturer of the laptop chose to implement Intel’s PCI-to-PCI Bridge and maybe they didn’t bother complying with the App notes.


Does this version nridge the driver have a bug? The hardware model and make on the outside of the box or on the physical device is not relevant. An old one to try http: Then Update Manager killed my wireless with the 2. Anyone got any ideas? Got any ideas that i might not have tried? Quanmax architecture is as shown in the picture below.

I can see networks, but I can’t connect to any of them. I’ll change to solved if it works. Is there a chance that if I installed the files for a different distribution it would also run on my Ubuntu?

Or you can install intrepid I would still update. Jodka Lemon 2, 5 It could be the simpelist thing cos I’m a total noob at Linux. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

CONFIG_HW_RANDOM_INTEL: Intel HW Random Number Generator support

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Any pointers would be useful. I’ve been searching for days,,thank you.


Upon boot up, after kernel is loaded, I get an error message as follows: Sign up using Facebook. See also the wiki. This is the output of lspci on this computer: There are two cases that we have witnessed in our field deployments When the secondary HDD has developed bad sectors, whenever a file copy operation is performed from primary to secondary, the primary OS will start throwing DRDY UNC errors in its kernel log.