Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. You have successfully installed Kinect in your Windows PC! Try one of the OpenNI samples: If they work properly, then you are done! Playing Kinect games is a really great experience.

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This question was asked before here and the steps of setting up openNI with kinect have lots of tutorials such as here and here.

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One or more of the following nodes could not be enumerated: If you need to go deeply you can read this really great book: Kinecf mid when I was on my internship, my supervisor gave me a project using Kinect for Windows. Time limit is exhausted.

My suggestion is keep sticking with it. OpenKinect is an open source project built around the libfreenect driver which offering an APIs to control the motor, the LEDs, the cameras and the audio. Vangos Pterneas Mar Introduction Playing Kinect games is a really great experience.


Installation procedure has changed now. Microsoft only condemn the act of hacking the kinect it means algorithms behindbut not the fact of using a tiers drivers source.

Via these hacks, we gain access to Kinect’s cameras color and depthLED, accelerometer and motor. I don’t find any newer version of OpenNi anywhere. I just tried installing my Kinect on Windows 8. The device is not primessense I am newbie, please help me with this.

How-to: Successfully Install Kinect on Windows (OpenNI and NITE) – CodeProject

Your Windows Device Manager should look something like this: Any luck with this? I need kiinect use Kinect with my windows 7 32 bit laptop. If you have trouble installing the unstable releases, just try the stable ones.

It also provides a library to analyze the outputs of the Kinect in order to provide a layer abstraction such as the tracking of the hands or of the skeleton. Oddly enough, there are two driver packages, I guess this is a result of imstall desperate attempts of getting it to run on this machine back then. This website uses cookies to improve primesennse experience.


Entry point is not found! I want to know how can i operate openNI with primeSense given that all the tutorials existing are outdated and having the primeSense driver not working.

The good news is the open source will never die! If anybody could help me out I would be super grateful. If you are on a 32 bit system install the driver dpinst-x Notify me of new comments via email.

Kinect: How to install and use OpenNI on Windows – Part 1 | Yannick Loriot

Device is not connected TeisDraiby Jun 1: That was the first time I got amazed by a Kinect. Device is not connected matteosistisette 8-Jun Vangos Pterneas3 Dec Troubleshooting If you are running a primesenze of OpenNI older than 1. Thank you – that worked fine yawar86 Sep 2: