Other options lead to dialog boxes that prompt you for information. The following screens are examples only. Below you can find a brief description of each software program, and the location for your motherboard version. A minimum power of W is recommended for a fully-configured system. Some options marked with a triangle lead to submenus that enable you to change the values for the option. Front Panel Audio header This header allows the user to install auxiliary front-oriented microphone and line-out ports for easier access. To create an JBOD array, follow these steps:

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Pin 1 is labeled.

The Mother Board • View topic – ECS GX -M (Split)

Data is written to two or more drives synchronously. Use these items to configure each device on the IDE channel. Over-clocking can permanently damage the motherboard by generating excess heat in components that 761gx-754 run beyond the rated limits.

Power Management Setup Page This page sets up some parameters for system power management operation. DOC for information on installing the driver or software for your operating motherboatd.

The Mother Board

These files may contain important information that is not included in this manual. Try Other Boot Device Yes If you enable this item, the system will also search for other boot devices if it fails to find an operating system from the first two locations.


EXE by double-clicking the file and then following the instructions on the screen. You must use an ATX power supply in order to use this feature.

Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. Secondly, this motherboard supports one or two floppy diskette drives and four enhanced IDE drives.

ECS GX-M – – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket – SiSGX Overview – CNET

Operation is subject to the following conditions: PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect and is a bus standard for expansion cards, which for the most part, is a supplement of the older ISA bus standard. The result after creating will be show on step motheroard.

Installing the Motherboard 16 Table A: Mptherboard have about 5 seconds to respond! You can cause fatal errors or instability if you install the optimized defaults when your hardware does not support them. Use the cursor arrow keys to scroll through the items in the submenu. Two or more hard drives are required. You set this value to No to free up an IRQ. The next chapter covers the BIOS. Check the box next to the items you want to install. You might need to run the Setup Utility and change the boot priority items on the Boot Configuration Features, to force your computer to boot from the floppy diskette drive first.


These connectors are well designed and will only fit in one orientation.

Reset Switch Supporting the reset function requires connecting pin 5 and 7 to a momentary-contact switch that is normally open. Handle the modules only by their edges. Power Management Enabled Use this item to enable or disable a power management scheme.

ECS 761GX-M754 – 1.0 – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket 754 – SiS761GX

Use a laser cleaning disk on it, try again. Proceed with caution when using this program.

You will have two selections to create a JBOD array. If not, Not Installed displays.

Choose one of the following items: The hard drives are simply hooked up in series. Introducing the Motherboard 2 Feature Processor This motherboard uses a pin socket that carries the following features: Once the array has been created, you will need to FDISK and format the array as if it were a new single hard drive.

The result after creating will be show on step 8.