Press Right to edit the field. It can store up to surveys and operate 16 hours on freshly charged batteries. Additional help is available at Go to: Enter the serial number of the probe. A value is displayed, but is not useful. Reading of 60 or some other low number:

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Deep discharge of the main battery can reduce its performance and shorten its life.

It is transmitted adtamate the sole purpose of aiding the transaction of business between Durham Geo Slope Indicator and the recipient.

Utilities Menu The Utilities menu lets you set defaults, and check battery voltage and memory. Normally, no editing is required.

Product features and capabilities Geotechnical Engineer More information. If this happens occasionally, but readings vary within 3 or 4 digits, you can record the readings with no significant loss of accuracy.

Digitilt DataMate II

Maintenance Battery Desiccant Connector sockets Recharge battery after every use. The maximum numbers are depths and surveys. Choose Surveys from the main menu, then choose Compare. When you want to survey the installation, you ji it from the list. Return for servicing if memory power is bad. To isolate the bad reading, you must view readings above and below the suspect reading.


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AA Portable Power Corp www. Quick Guider After getting this alarm system, you need to do the following More information. The Correct command is explained later. Reading of 60 or some other low number: The DataMate now digitlit the starting depth for the second pass. Optional Enter up to 3 characters to identify the operator.

Press Enter to view the zone with the largest SD. Fast Track Troubleshooting Datamare Use the Up and Down keys to view checksums at other depths. Use desiccant to keep the inside dry. Read Comm Surveys Utilities Read Menu The Read menu lets you record inclinometer readings, edit inclinometer installation parameters, review and correct readings, and operate the readout in manual mode, which displays readings but does not record them.

Choose Del to delete the survey that you cancelled.

Digitilt DataMate II – PDF

Xigitilt is best to charge overnight. A graph of checksums shows very clearly whether checksums are consistent or not. What sensors are compatible with my station? No part of this document may.


Any errors or omissions More information. The operator repeats these steps until the survey is done. Plug the other end of the control cable into the Probe socket on the DataMate.

Also scrolls backwards through the alphabet z Capacity g x 0. Choose Metric or English. Charging overnight is common practice.

Do not charge longer than 72 hours.