Then, the following window will appear. If I remember correctly it gives you access to motion detection screen, camera labeling, and a couple of others but that is it. Posted June 25, This will delete the selected E-Map image. It is pal fps which is real time for 8 channel. Maximum number of adding backup media is up to 8.

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A user may change numbers of cameras, so that desired cameras can doginet sound during sound record using a sound card. I tried this card both on a Nforce3 platform and on a Intel platorm but it gives me the same problem.

Kodicom DigiNet DigiNet Site(V4.100) User Guide

While audio is played, Skip and Delay functions are not applied. During sound record using a sound card, once 2 way audio is connected, sound record function stops. TRANS connection site 3.

Quick Burn The Quick Burn feature allows a time digunet that needs to be backed up to be selected visually from the search screen. Ex For setting camera no.

When you click on time, you can clearly check the graph territory by three phrases hourly. When the dome camera is installed from flipped position, it will work in reverse. Wrong dfr of the signal line might cause damage. What’s the deal here? Audio play is not supported when search is made for more than 9 channels.


Then it will be boot by floppy diskette. Sensor input signal will be ignored if anything occurs outside the setup time.

4ch diginet dvr card Hikvision h.264 dvr card HK-DS4004HCI

Connecting external Sensor…………………………………………… 8. Select the model that is identical to the one you are using.

These is fps which real time for 8 channel. Audio play is not supported for other searches – backward search, cut-by-cut search, etc. So, what if I change some of my boxes components like RAM or AGP card, would the difference be enough to compensate and change the quality?

Pan angle starts from the point you started to the point where you disabled the setup.

Edited July 11, by Guest. Set the working time by hour, minute and second. In order to delete any existing information, delete the saved information from [Use E-Map] and then click [Save].

After formatting is completed, the next step will be automatically executed. Re-enter the password to confirm. Posted October 12, Design of Front and Rear Side may be modified for product development. You must enter site code.


DVR-USA | Kodicom DigiNet

Refer to Page Recording screen size and recording file size has a close relation. When the program boots up it loads the display drivers than crashes. To back up data in AVI format, it is possible to back up image data for each camera.

It only detects the motion within the period of set time. DigiNet is a registered trademark of Kodicom Digital Recorder. Maximum number of adding backup media is up to 8. If you erase all the record type from [Record mode], selected setup time will change to no record mode.

Printing is possible when you select [Print] button only with one magnified screen Print after adjusting size and brightness.