Make sure the add-in card is seated securely in the expansion slot. The operating session will resume exactly where you left off the next time you power-on the system. Pin 1 of the DIM module must correspond with Pin 1 of the socket. Xear 3D is a sound technology for 2-channel virtual surround, adjustable multi-channel sound field, innovative listening mode, amazing sound effects and 3D positional audio. The Windows Task Manager dialog box will appear. After you plug the monitor cable into the VGA port, gently tighten the cable screws to hold the connector in place. Select a date you would like the system to power-on.

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Any add-in board you have installed is designed for your system and is set up correctly. Check the path statement to make sure you are writing to the targeted drive. You should use these values only if you have hardware problems.

This is to ensure an accurate diagnosis of the problem in case a problem has multiple causes. For example, you would use such a feature to accelerate cursor movements with the arrow keys.

Enabling Hyper-Threading Technology c. Keyboard Nothing happens when a key on the keyboard was pressed. Page 27 Hardware Installation 4.


Audio Configuration Supported Software 4. If df hard drive takes an excessively long period of time to format, it is likely a cable connection problem. Introduction IrDA Interface The system board is equipped with an IrDA connector for wireless connectivity between your computer and peripheral devices. Hard Disk s fail 20 HDD initialization error.


Save the setting and reboot the system. Page 50 Hardware Installation 2. The system BIOS will check the hard disk drive for the maximum block size the system can transfer. Use the default values as standard values for your system. Intel Graphics Drivers Supported Software 4. Page 10 Introduction 6-channel Audio The 6-channel audio output function is supported by vfi the surround connector, the audio jacks at the rear panel and configuring the audio driver.

Access to all other options is denied. Check the jumper settings to ensure that the jumpers are properly set. Xear 3D is a sound technology for 2-channel virtual surround, adjustable multi-channel sound field, innovative listening mode, amazing sound effects pz35 3D positional audio.

Dual Channel DC Dual channel provides better system performance because it doubles the data dfk rate. If you type in a wrong password, you will be prompted to enter the correct password again.


Page 46 Hardware Installation Note: The items shown under Computer and Processors should resemble the ones shown below. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. A jack is a one-hole connecting interface for inserting a plug.

DFI PS35-BL, Socket 478, Intel Motherboard

Pushing the power button for more than 4 seconds will power off the system. Use another diskette with adequate storage space.

Page Enabling Hyper-Threading Technology e. Gently press each component into the socket. Click the Performance tab. It allows you dfo configure 2-channel, 4-channel and 6- channel audio modes as well as configure the audio effects.

Many disk diagnostic programs which attempt to access the boot sector table will cause the warning message to appear. Make sure it is completely seated. Now click the Hardware tab then click Device Manager. The Xfi pool data is then verified or updated whenever the system hardware or setup is altered.