You can use the CD to reinstall drivers, run the Dell Diagnostics, or access your documentation. Double-click the name of the device for which you are installing the driver. I have an ethernet cable that is connected For more information, see the Drivers and Utilities CD. APR — advanced port replicator — A docking device that allows you to conveniently use a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other devices with your portable computer. Each light represents approximately 20 percent of the total battery charge. Configuration Displays your hardware configuration for the selected device.

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B backup — A copy of a program or data file on a floppy disk, CD, or hard drive. Reinstall the sound audio driver — See “Reinstalling Software. The three most common RAID levels are 0, 3, and 5: Any information stored in RAM is lost when you shut down your computer.

If your computer has a network adapter, select the appropriate network settings. System setup allows you to configure user-selectable options in the BIOS, such as date and time or system password. Sales dial within U. L1 cache — Primary cache stored inside the microprocessor.


Pull the reserve battery out of its compartment, and disconnect the reserve battery cable from the connector. Do not dispose of batteries with household waste.

If your computer does not have a network adapter, you do not see this option.

Gently remove the card or blank. You can also create and name a restore point if you are logged on as the computer administrator or a user with administrator ethernwt. You can also use the Windows Hardware Troubleshooter. POST — power-on self-test — Diagnostics programs, loaded automatically by the BIOS, that perform basic tests on the major computer components, such as memory, hard drives, and video.

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Try different settings for Colors, Screen area, and Advanced Settings. Turn on the computer and the monitor and adjust the monitor brightness and contrast controls. Please rate your experience. The Etherrnet adapter works with electrical outlets worldwide.

Not a boot diskette — The operating system is trying to boot to a nonbootable floppy disk.

Dell Latitude D Specs – CNET

Select your region to view the appropriate support site. The software automatically detects your computer and operating system and installs the updates appropriate for your configuration.

NVRAM — nonvolatile random access memory ethernte A type of memory that stores data when the computer is turned off or loses its external power source.


Battery is critically low — The battery is running out of charge. The computer displays the new or modified asset tag and the Service Tag. Insert a bootable floppy disk.

For more information, see the instructions included with the device. Click on thislink to download the drivers: If a large number of sectors are defective, back up the data if possibleand then reformat the floppy disk or hard drive. Test the track stick to ensure that the cap is seated properly.

Memory double word logic failure at address, read value expecting value — A memory module may be faulty or improperly seated. Run Express Del first to increase the possibility of tracing the problem quickly.

Then press drll hold the left track stick button. Before you buy an antitheft device, ensure that it will work with the security cable slot. For information on supported keyboard shortcuts, see “Using the Keyboard and Touch Pad.