Buying the DLink is a much better, cheaper, and safer alternative. Reboot and the computer should find it just fine. This tip worked wonders! I downloaded the most recent drivers for the chipset 1. I was lucky, at first, because several connections were open and I’d no need to figure out Kismac’s desire for an AirPort Extreme driver that worked.

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Dlink DWL-G USB Wireless Support? – Apple Community

I could get it to work but if ush ibook g3 running Has anyone tried to use this driver? Every report I found concerning this version of the Driver with this specific dongle and WEP enabled was the same: It works great – even gets better link percentage than on windows with d-link software.

Max Range Open Space. You should get a notice telling you there is a new network interface when you go to your network settings.

I got the odd kernel panic too, but I found they don’t happen if you plug in and unplug the usb adapter when you’re logged in.

I also tried the old drivers 1. I experience the same problem. The driver that work is the driver for OS Was there a trick to d-lnk


D-Link DWL-G AirPlus Xtreme G High-Speed GHz Wireless USB Adapter Overview – CNET

When you put two cards very close together, there’s a small chance that enough power could couple from the antenna of one when it’s transmitting to damage the receiver in the other. It won’t function “off the shelf” with the DWL drivers.

So, to see if I understood correctly: This was kinda fun You’d probably have to have the antennas almost touching for this to happen, but there is a chance. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: I haven’t read all of your post it’s late at nightc-link I think the following should clarify: There is a very fast electronic switch in the card that connects the antenna to either the transmitter or receiver, depending on what it wants to do, but never both at the same time.

Apr 9, 3: So, I connected to Apple’s Developer site, got a free membership and updated my Developer Tools to 2.

I later discovered there are 2 adapterr I needed to run from Ralintech to get things working. If I go to the Ralink RT chipset page at http: The DWL-G does not work.

D-Link DWL-G120 AirPlus Xtreme G High-Speed 2.4 GHz Wireless USB Adapter

Every report I found concerning this version of the Driver with this specific dongle and WEP enabled was the same: I use the I’ve even had to go so far as to manually set the IP address but after I do that once I can switch back to full DHCP and it will connect automatically across reboots until I try to connect to a different wireless network.


I’ve seen the Linksys Moreover, my hackintosh isn’t. Enter IP addy from step 7. The past year or so I’ve been using my neighbors WEP secured connection and everything’s been working awesome. Once I got it and plugged it in its been nothing but problems.

TM backup via Ethernet. Last night, I discovered the fix. Here s where you can downloads Free.

The device will show up in Network Prefs as an ethernet connection but there will be no signal or lights on from the device.