If Windows does not install the Spectrum model XF, no need to worry. The information listed below is technical in nature. How do I get VRS to work if it is not a fresh install? After the install process has completed you will be prompted to restart the PC. All steps to be run before installing version of VRS3. W Default installer failed. Deskew – make sure there is no check in the checkbox next to the Deskew option on Skew tab in the VRS Interactive Propertie s dialog box if there is a check, click on the checkbox to remove it Rotation – click on the Rotation tab in the Advanced Properties dialog box and select a value of zero for both front and back page rotation Annotation – click on the Endorser tab in the Advanced Properties dialog box and click the No Endorser and No Annotation checkbox or, if you are physically imprinting on each scanned document, click the Enable Mechanical Endorser Only checkbox Barcode and patch code recognition – disable through your scanning application Impact:

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To maximize a scanner’s productivity, one must take into consideration batch size and the average time the scanner operator spends switching batches. Set Hole Size The entry and exit sensors on your scanner can be adjusted to ignore holes on the leading or trailing edge of a document, like three-hole punches, that may cause the scanner to detect false starting or trailing edges of the document.

In addition, users are able to replace their production scanner’s rollers and lamps without needing to send the scanner back to the factory or needing a service call. But a better method, is to ignore the multifeed by length. In general, with higher aggressiveness, more pixels will be considered background pixels and vice versa with a less aggressive setting. There are no compatible drivers for this device.

Bell & Howell Scanners

The sticky sheets used to clean the transport rollers will keep the roller in fairly good condition. Each Spectrum All-In-One consumables kit contains all the rollers, lamps and cleaning supplies you’ll need to keep your scanner up and hwain trouble free, for one year of scanning based on a volumes of up to 10, documents scanned per day. Here’s how you can start:.


Copiscqn if using some of the Image Processing of QuickScan, any color images will be saved in black and white only. Kofax i Adrenaline boards need to be purchased separately and are not included for the DC and Sidekick and models or the Truper Length-Width and Infrared Detection Other multifeed detect technologies exist but can easily be fooled.

You will be prompted to enter the Access Number. On the scanner’s front panel, press the “CLEAR” key, then press the right arrow key several times until the “Code Revision Numbers” menu is displayed, which 80000 look like this: When utilizing Auto Color Detect, users need to set their application to scan in Color output mode so that images are automatically output to color JPEGs and bitonal TIFFs based on their color content as determined by the user’s color aggressiveness threshold.

To view your scanner’s model number, turn the scanner on or, if already on, press the CLEAR button on the front panel. The combination of Spectrum hardware VRS and the software interface is the single most effective way at reducing labor costs in your scanning application.

Kodak Copiscan 8000 Plus Driver

Yes, the default is for every 10, pages run through the scanner. VRS also immediately recovers document multifeeds without requiring the operator to rescan the entire batch. Selecting AVERAGE lowers scanner throughput slightly and thus avoids “stream feeding” problems caused by excessive document skew at maximum throughput.

When the Spectrum driver is loaded correctly, the VRS icon will be displayed in the windows task bar. Is there a kit available to upgrade a simplex Spectrum series to a duplex scanner?

Ultrasonic Multifeed Detection During a Doublefeed. Be sure to let the roller dry before placing back into the scanner. This is very useful when having image problems while using certain profiles. Also use the canned air to spray the dust from the right to the left.


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All Copiscan Spectrum models ship with the following software: How Does it Work? When you’re ready to connect your application software to Spectrum, you will need to choose the appropriate scanner driver based on what toolkit your software was written with. Move the Color Background Saturation slider until the document’s background is either smoothed or dropped out depending on your setting in the previous step You’re done, so click OK and close the VRS Advanced Properties dialog box Impact: Black – all background pixels are set to black and the Snap To White checkbox is disabled.

The part number is S Characters maximum of 22 characters on one line of print, with up to 10 additional numeric index characters available Orientation vertical, with the ability to rotate 90, or degrees Print Resolution 96 dpi in horizontal or vertical orientation Ink Capacity approximatelycharacters per cartridge Print Mechanism Inkjet Need a Spectrum imprinter upgrade? Users can also drop out unnecessary color backgrounds altogether while capturing all color information in the foreground of the electronic image.

These units combine high speed and precision with reliability for use where multi-shift endurance is as vital as world-class dpi imaging quality and consistency. You’ll find that the combination of increased speed, reduced cost, and astonishing image quality constitutes more than a set of important improve-ments, it amounts qualitatively to a brand new, more complete, more useful, and more reliable way to store and retrieve documents. Press “Yes to All” when prompted for file uninstall.