In rtsta- and rtusb times, that was not possible because it dropped connections all the time and you would have to wait a few seconds before it came back. Is my Conceptronic USB 3. What do I need to do? How to solve security problems with drive mappings, under Windows Vista? How can I change the video output without using the remote control? Is it possible to use the OTG function of the media player with an external hard disk? How do I solve this?

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How can I solve this?

How can I use. When I run the WPS setup, it seems to be configured, but there is no wireless security. My TV screen stays black, although I have connected the cables correctly.

Download Conceptronic CRU_V3 Wireless Win,XP,Vista,Win7 Driver,Utility.

How can I play or edit my recorded program on my computer? Which hard disk file systems are supported through USB? How to install an external serial modem under Linux? When using the Powerplug network, my transfer speed is very slow.


How can I change the video output without using the remote control? Are subtitels supported for DVD files.

Can I use my notebook with the Notebook Power Adapter? What is the maximum capacity for USB storage devices? How can I use “single file copy” with my Media Player? How to solve security problems with drive mappings, under Windows Vista? I went back to the ralinktech.

Conceptronic C300RU_V3 11n Wireless USB Adapter Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 Driver,Utility

You seem to be a bit of conceltronic guru, any ideas of a setting i need to change, a bit of termnial work maybe? If I connect a card reader to the Media Titan can I play the content from the connected memory cards?

Why is my transfer speed through USB 3. When I connect to a normal VGA screen, it works without problems.

Conceptronic drivers – Conceptronic Network Drivers

What is the problem? Do I understand from your listing that you have a working rtsta??? June 5th, Does my enclosure support all sizes of 2. My CRU version 3.

I get lonux message “out of memory” when trying to view a photo. SRT files for subtitles with multiple or single. My device is not recognized by my Operating System. In which file format does the Media Titan record?


Which IDE standards are supported by my external enclosure? For the moment, tried in Ubuntu I have two subtitles files in different languages, but I cannot select the correct subtitle language through the Media Titan subtitle options. Can I use a USB conceptrnic to connect multiple hard drives?

Can I record from one channel and watch v150ru channel at the same time? When connecting the red audio cable, I get a distortion sound. Join Date Feb Beans It works over WiFi.

My harddisk enclosure is recognized, but I don’t see a new driveletter in “My Computer”.