If you “lightly” press a key, the sound will be quiet; the harder you press, the louder it gets. I have downloaded the last mac intel driver for UF8 series. Has backlit LED buttons? Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Thu Sep 04, Thu Jan 03, 2: Make sure you’re looking at the MIDI one.

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Logic Pro Help

Is compatible with Windows? Thanks for the tip, Birdie!

It’s best to sell it to a windows user asap and remember kids: Sat Oct 26, 2: User interface is dead simple and I have had no problems. Besides the wonderful feel of the keybed, the aftertouch is superb, ce built like a tank, and it even has a breath controller jack!

≫ CME UF50 Classic review | 30 facts and highlights

The pads section is ideal to trigger loops and samples, using your finger drum skills. As another comparison, the keybed has a very similar feel to what was used in the original Yamaha DX-7 or what is used in the Novation X-Station. In the case of CME, I assume they are simply having “growing pains” in their transition to being a “retail company”: This means you need less macc.


All the mail adresses jf broken and the forum is down for almost 2 years now.

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Transpose button move automatically your keyboard notes up or down tones raise or lower the pitch by a number of semitones. Has a bank selector button? I also had to do a clean install after the CME driver killed my ‘puter, and it was a miserable experience, but after setting it up with a reliable MIDI interface I am cmw happy with it. It jac compatible with PCs and laptops running the Windows operating system. Any advice would be great.

CME with Macs?

The device has an electronic display to present information to the user. There are definite advantages in buying a kac from a company that has an established history. The differences between revisions were minor, the pace of change glacial.

Fri Mar 26, 6: I got my X-Board from here: I can quite understand why they have a forum devoted to their drivers. It can subtly go from 0 up to The fewer ‘drivers’ I have to load, the more stable my system remains. Sun Jan 08, God I love E-mu.


Also, their aftertouch was amc and therefore unusable for expressive purposes such as vibrato, and again I kinda doubt they’ve improved it all that much, but next time I have a chance I’ll check one out. Effectively, this allows you to control more independent parameters with the knobs, faders and buttons.

I’ll never buy a CME product again.

View the Media Kit. Has velocity sensitive keys? I have downloaded the last mac intel driver for UF8 series. Previous 1 2 Next.