I have a mac-mini connected to a Marantz NR via optical. I look forward to a desktop version that doesn’t have the spare space for batteries. In my experience with Behringer, only a Bass guitar amp, a set of self powered speakers, and their cheapest microphones have disappointed me. Thanks a lot for doing all the measurements and sharing your results. If anyone else has any suggestions feel free to post them here.

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That’s also why I tested at 44 Khz. Here the UCA struggles.

Behringer UCA202 Digital Recording Interface

Both require DSP and licensing. I bought one off eBay recently to fix the hum noise from the mic-in on my laptop and found it to quite good.

And with most balanced armature style IEMs, the frequency response will no longer be ussb close to flat due to the impedance interaction see: Windows will normally only send audio to one device at a time from a given software application like Windows Media Player.

This USB interface is an excellent low-cost way for connecting the turntable to the computer.

Connect many older audio devices hca202 the RCA jack, including a film projector, ham radio, shortwave radio, or even your satellite radio or TV. Hope it is ok with a anonymous NwAvGuy September 22, at Since I don’t begringer it for straightforward recording applications, I don’t have need for the monitor switch and headphone jack, but they’re convenient features if you’re recording your voice or an instrument and want to hear yourself through headphones.


Behringer UCA USB/Audio Interface UCA B&H Photo Video

Switched to a big Crown power amp I had lying around, and the Polks sounded clean as a whistle through that passage. There’s no behriner signal to use as the “input”–just a file full of bits on the PC. Ferongr March 1, at 7: While NuForce used much better parts but ended up with a design that, in many ways, performs worse. It is a simple plug-and-play USB device; there is no special driver needed or any additional setup.

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A word on the Behringer A power amp mentioned above: Anonymous March 2, at 1: Thanks for the quality information in a well presented article. With most everything integrated into behringger single chip, it makes the implementation harder to screw up.

NwAvGuy August 24, at 8: I just bought one for me. With an impedance of ohm, and a sound pressure level of dB, that version seems to be a great match for this little DAC.


Anonymous June 10, at 7: Behringer likely intended using professional large headphones of the sort often used for studio and monitoring work they are, after all, a pro-sound company. The no load voltage is mV and with ohms it was mV. Tons of Free Software. I think I found the perfect headphone for it: You might want to wait ksb see how those reviews turn out.

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A good circuit design helps minimize the errors. You might have your analog connections wrong or the volume turned all the way down on the UCA The Mac-mini is loaded with Channel-D’s Pure Music software that loads music into the memory before it plays back. In my experience with Behringer, only a Bass guitar amp, a set of self powered speakers, and their cheapest microphones have disappointed me.