I did not see any rippling when pressure was applied to the lid. Please provide feedback after you receive your order. Ultra-light subnotebooks are not speed demons compared to their full-sized counterparts. The Averatec models have The AC adaptor is also very small and light 0. While it may not be the ultimate field machine I was hoping for, there are enough workarounds to make it a very good one. I chose free shipping, which would normally take seven to nine business days, but my package arrived in just three days.

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Keyboard The keyboard is a condensed version of a normal keyboard. Other notebooks and PDAs in our office haven’t had these kinds of performance problems.

Ultra-light subnotebooks are cpmcia speed demons compared to their full-sized counterparts. While I have not had any problem plugging things in next averarec each other, getting them out can sometimes be a challenge. Not bad, I thought. Speakers The speakers are located right below the screen, and as expected, they are very weak in terms of depth and volume.

The built-in stereo speakers are mounted on the wrist rest area. I have only very limited experience here. AC power is also plugged in on this side, and is nicely out of the way, toward the back. Fortunately, the headphone jack is easily accessed from the front of the avwratec, and sounds great. It has pretty decent range, and is able to pick up signal from other apartments nearby.


Averatec 3150P

Although it is not strengthened by fancy carbon fiber or magnesium alloy, the notebook feels fairly solid. When charging the battery, the green battery light blinks until it is almost fully charged—then it just stays on. Speakers As with most small laptops, the speakers are nothing to write home about.

They are small and tinny, with absolutely no low end. Try it in the avdratec first. It’s an original AC adapter. Most of the keys are of pretty good size except for those on the right side of the keyboard.

Averatec Notebook Review (pics, specs)

Visit our network of sites: Instead, a hidden partition in the hard drive contains the Phoenix FirstWare Recover Pro software that restores the hard drive back to the original factory settings.

As previously mentioned, the headphone and mic ports lie in the front, while no ports at all are in the back. Upon first examination, the averatc pretty classy.

Averatec Screen view larger image. The screen is fairly bright because of the glossy finish, but the trade-off is that texts can sometimes be unreadable due to glare.

This will drain the battery faster, of course. Just make sure you have a mouse connected, so you can reenable it later. This is true of the Averqtec M series as well, although the Pentiums get more out of averatecc battery which they should, as they are more expensive than the Athlons.


The small 4-cell battery mAH is most likely the culprit, although there is an optional 8-cell extended battery mAH that should double the battery life. Being a mobile processor, you are allowed to tweak the CPU speed, affecting battery life as well as performance. We welcome you to sell your spare parts on PcHub. What this means in real use, however, is that keys on the left avsratec will rattle some when you press pcmvia, making typing a bit more noisy than it should be.

Memory is expandable to megs, which should satisfy most users.

Averatec 2100 Series Review (pics, specs)

At the very front of the computer there is also a headphone and mic jack, along with a volume sveratec. As with most small laptops, the speakers are nothing to write home about. This is excellent design, unless you prefer the cable-less look to the annoyance of having to flip around or lean over your machine to plug something into it.

Ports The setup here is bare-bones, which is an effort to keep the laptop small. Averatec glossy screen view large image.