Hi bitwiseoperator, I think I found a typo: Possibly the patch information is still looking for 4. I might do that.. Alf I’m not complaining I’m just explaining the different things that I’ve experienced, it might help other people. Hi, Jacuzzi I these issue with the previous drivers, however after installing the latest ones, the white screen disappear and now I get the login screen just fine. I believe the R9 has mesa support but the may not have.

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ColdFusion bryan-electricedgesystems wrote on Hi, Yesterday my update manager upgraded: Tested them on 3 machines, intel chip, nvidia, and now this ati.

On a fresh install of Fedora 22 with the 4. Furthermore the Radeon driver supports some older chipsets that fglrx.

I would ask you: Let me know how it goes! Would be deeply grateful for help. November 2, at Is there any way just to get the temp?

Not quite for me. I was hopeful that their remarks in the release notes in which they claim to have fixed that silly rename-the-hl2-executable trick to gain performance indicated that they were paying more attention than that.


You and anyone can give the free driver a chance. There must be an profit for us to do so. Uninstalling any previously installed drivers. Alf Gaida agaida on Officially AMD is still at about Kernel 3.

Results 1 – 48 of Have to wait ’til launchpad hopefully build it too.

ati radeon 200m linux driver 3d vision

It is said that AMD is now lending code support to the mesa development and kernel 4. I tested again with the instruction. October 17, at We could at least show them this page and the other pages in the series.

I catalsyttm able to recover by first backing up the config, cache and.

ATI Black Screen O Death

September 24, at Have a look at the mail address in the profile. Actually i think i figured it out. But I have been looking for several days for a solution to this and I think I may have found something if someone would be willing to test? I’m sorry, I typed the patch displag incorrectly.


Baby is born on the hood of the car after her father led police on a 95 mph catalyttm Over vintage drivers descended This was the only serious accident of the. Hi Fiodor thanks for your suggestions. I’m still have ugly gradients and slow videos. It was no offense writing that you are not forced to use fglrx and no backfill.

November 25, at 8: Ati radeon xpress linux driver. For follow up please have a look at my topic back at ubuntu forums: You are commenting using your Twitter account.