Overall, the Eee PC is a snappy little budget notebook. Hopefully it becomes clear as I work through. The flash-based storage drives on the Eee PC help with the benchmarks since they provide virtually instant data access times. For a little while there was confusion how the BIOS was stored. July 15th, 1. The bezel around the screen on the Eee PC is much thinner than the thick bezel on the original Eee PC and the speakers have been relocated to the bottom of the notebook.

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Much to our surprise, the keyboard on the Eee PC like the original Eee PC is remarkably firm, though the keys are small and have a large degree of “wiggle” when pressed. On that note, Xsus already made several updates available at the time of this review.

For the sake of a reference, below is what you can see when you pull up the homepage of the site you are on right now:.

The bottom of the notebook got quite hot even under normal use.

Asus Eee PC 4G Review

July 15th, 7. Ubuntu attracts Human Beings – Windows attracts viruses and worms. The Eee PC maintained a connection to my home router from anywhere inside my three-level home and from anywhere in my front or back yard. I avoid the terminal in instructions, unless it’s easier or necessary. If you want a smaller Atom-based notebook then the Eee PC still might be a better choice than the Eee PC H, but we suspect most consumers would rather have the slightly larger screen and keyboard found on the latest Eee PC notebooks.


Whether or not Windows will help or hurt the performance of the Eee PC remains to be seen. The speakers on the Eee PC are hard to miss.

Asus Eee PC 4G Review

The keyboard on the Eee PC is very, very compact. In short, the build quality is quite high despite the low cost.

The only way to tell the fan is blowing is to put your hand next to the air vent to feel the warm air blow past. The case seams match up with reasonably tight tolerances, plastics feel thick though the pearl-like white plastics look cheap and the display hinges are molded into body with the battery.

Make sure that the first four checkboxes are ticked, so Ubuntu knows where to get its software from. Asus recently announced that they are teaming up with Microsoft to release a version of the Eee PC that will come preloaded with Windows in My instructions will work within the Ubuntu system, instead of breaking or subverting it.

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The new Intel Atom fee. Lowering the screen brightness and turning off the wireless card should provide enough battery life for prolonged use. July 15th, There is a strong magnet inside the top lid and a sensor on the motherboard that’s used to detect when the lid is closed or open.

At the editorial offices for NotebookReview.

Wine or through ndiswrapper? Asus returned absolutely nothing for the card in the way of drivers or information.

Below are heat overlay images showing where the Eee PC warmed up in degrees Fahrenheit during normal extended use:. They are located to the left and right of the screen and, thanks to their black speaker grills, stand out in comparison to the rest of the all white notebook. Fortunately, unlike the Eee PC 4G and Eee PCthe battery meter was accurate and always indicated when the power adapter was unplugged and gave correct estimates on battery life.


ASUS Eee PC Review

Microsoft Windows requires a significant amount of storage space on the tiny 4GB SSD, and the added cost from installing genuine Windows would have added to the final retail price of the Eee PC. After the success of the original Eee PC, other manufacturers have started to flood the market with low cost mini notebooks. PCMark05 generally provides an accurate indication of overall system performance, but the Eee PC produced a score much lower than its “real world” performance.

The Eee PC features a nice 8.

The technical specs might look sub par, but the usability ar5vxb63 overall performance of the Eee PC rivals notebooks costing several thousand dollars more. New or Like New condition – In grade A condition or better – Usually pulled from a brand new computer – If not happy with condition or anything else, we offer hassle-free returns and provide prepaid return shipping label within the USA.

Lifting the display cover you find the amazingly small keyboard surface and even smaller touchpad resting below the recessed display and speakers.