Communicating With The Printer After the label is removed, the next label prints. Lead the media backing paper through the print head module. Argox CPM white Barcode transfer Select the port of the printer and click “Next”.

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Put the media end on the roller. Insert the left side of dispenser bracket and secure the three screws to the TPH module.

ARGOX X Label Printer

Honeprt Black Print Speed: Insert the media into the print head module and under the paper sensor guide. Tear Bracket screw 87 5. For technical and pin-out information, please refer to the Technical Reference in this manual.

The ribbon shaft has its user-friendly feature to allow users to adjust the tension of ribbon shaft by rotating the knob. Cheap 58mm Lan port small thermal Select Install printer drivers and Click “Next” 65 8.


Close the top access door and turn on the printer or press the FEED button if the printer is already on. Centronics Parallel Port Attach the edge of the ribbon onto the bare core and wind it a bit onto the core. Isolate the power cord from other electrical cables. Off — direct thermal mode with no ribbon installed.

Make sure the peeler sensor is out of the ribbon path when installed. Counter-clockwise rotate the screw a half circle and test printing; observe whether the printing quality has been gradually improved or not; and stop the adjustment if the quality is improved.

To enable Peeling function, set by the LCD panel. Loose the screws at both sides and rotate counter-clockwise: Print a test page to check print quality. Led And Lcd Diagnosis Lead the media through the print head module and under the paper sensor guide.

Figure 5 5 26 Notes: For the XVL model, ignore this step.


ARGOX X-3200

After driver installation is complete, click “Close”. Courier font with different symbol sets. Connect the barcode reader to the keyboard interface.

Shop’s Three Guarantees Interface Type: Blinking — Ribbon is used out; install new ribbon. Without media calibration, printer may detect labels with less accuracy, especially for small labels less than 1.

Argox X Manuals

Rtc Battery Replacement Ethernet Module Status Indicators The indicators with two different colors help users understand status of Ethernet: FEED Press to show next parameter. Cutter, Peeler, afgox stacker. The following describes how to solve ribbon wrinkle accordingly. Figure 1 1 2.