Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I now have no problem switching back and forth — sort of like going from a manual shift car to an automatic and back again. Mouse for about a year now, alternating with my other favorite mouse — a Macally two-button unit. The mouse button is a two-position rocker, with the left or down click working as a normal mouse click, while the right or up click is a click-lock allowing you to drag icons around, for instance, or hold menus open without holding the mouse button down. I think Animax should at least offer a programmable driver for the Mac version as an option, although not having to use a dedicated driver has the advantage of simplicity.

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For price quotes and advertising information, please contact BackBeat Media at I have been using Muose. The innovative, leaning joystick-shaped, Animax Dr. Mouse allows your hand to remain in a relaxed, thumb-uppermost posture, which reduces muscle loading and relieves pressure on the median nerve. Mouse, at least in the ADB version, is not programmable.

There is no left-handed version available as yet. We have demonstrated a drastic reduction of pain in the shoulders, underarm, wrists, and hands in the group which has used the Anir Vertical mouse. Mouse easy to make friends with. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media.


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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Join our email lists! The large size fits hands measuring 3.

Which brings me to the thing I miss using Dr. The Medium size is for persons with hands measuring 2.

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Mouse was developed in Norway, where it is known as the Anir Mouse, and I found the English documentation to be a bit cryptic mouee the PC-feature instructions included with my Mac test mouse might have confused the average consumer since none of them pertain to the Mac.

Mouse requires drivers, and some PC models even have a third button, as well as being programmable.

Mouse an adequate solution although it does resolve a respectable dpi. In fact, I find it so comfortable that I often mouse-click rather than use keyboard commands for many tasks.

Sweeping forearm movements from the elbow are not quite the ideal body-English for picking out individual tiny pixels. We believe in the long term value of Apple hardware. Donations Donations Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. Mouse from the start, although I was mohse bit clumsy mousing with it at first.

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Mouse is accomplished by sweeping forearm movements rather than wrist flexing, and the thumb, your ,ac digit, takes over button-clicking tasks.

As the Animax people put it:. I also have found that gripping the handle loosely with the ends of my fingers is more comfortable than making a fist-grip. My thumb falls nicely and naturally on the mouse button. Conversely, the PC version of Dr. Nouse you suffer from hand, wrist, or arm pain from using a mouse, you really owe it to yourself and your body to try Dr. I find that switching back and forth between the two types of mice keeps stress on one part of my hand from building up.


This number is for advertising only. Mouse for about a year now, alternating with my other favorite mouse — a Macally two-button unit.

Anir Mouse Wireless

By the end of day two, I was getting the hang of it, and by the third day, it was becoming second nature. The advantage of non-programmability is that the ADB Dr. Mousing in the thumb-up position does not feel quite as direct and precise as with a conventional mouse, and people who do critical onscreen work might not find Dr.

Mouse instead of the Macally 2-button programmable mouse. The relief from pain at the base of my index and big fingers made Dr.