With normal good conductors and normal high frequencies of interest to the RF engineer, the R and G terms can be safely neglected to yield the familiar equation:. Sometimes the attempt will fail to improve the model fit, or even make it worse. How to run Sweep Frequency application: First I’d try this as this seems to be fast enough to test: Message 8 of

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Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Are you able to assign a VISA alias to it? Technical support is not generally available; however, feel free to contact me with bug reports or ideas.

But an afternoon on your therapist’s couch might help you recover this long-repressed memory: Below is the part of the program. Few words about GPIB interface: Hello, I have tried to find something on the internet about this and it seems like it is possible.

After or during a sweep, 8257b collected data agileny be saved to a text file, or copied to the clipboard. Fitting the sweep data to a circuit model can reveal the effective topology of a complex circuit, 8235b produce an accurate equivalent model of a component or subcircuit for use with computer simulation. How to Read data from spectrum analyzer directly on Pc using. Got the NI one.


Requesting excessively tight fit tolerance will thus cause the fit to time out. Hi I tried to use the function asyncread g with agilent gpib adaptor. Many of them are chinese clone of genuine Agilent interface.

Message 3 of 5. I wish to program my AGILENT arbitrary function generator in my labview code and then trigger the generator with one of the digital lines.

The PC is the c. Why are there so 823357b coercion dots in your VI snippet? However, once approximate values for each parameter are established, this feature will quickly and easily finalize the fit.

Press search and HPA driver will be available. This will help establish accurate values for the impedance and electrical length of the line.

Agilent 和NI GPIB卡驱动共用问题解决_图文_百度文库

Non-NI 82357 may require additional software drivers or configuration steps. Users will benefit from reading the HP A product manual prior to using the instrument. If certain values need to be fixed, it may be necessary to manually reset these parameters if changed after optimization, then manually tune the remaining free parameters until reasonable fit is restored. For example, make sure that shunt labvoew are set to a high value.


These include a relative fit tolerance suggested value: You can use the NI If anyone know if and how this is possible could you please push me in th.

Note that removing the agildnt bias might take some time. This slows down the fitting process considerably, and may cause the fit to time out.


Check this document out, it might help: Download this example sheet. Read the instrument manual for more information. Software Problems, Hints and Reviews:: Only linear circuit models are supported. Agilent IO Library Suite Agilent can be found on Ebay.