Find all posts by littlegreenmen Find all posts by omikron. The USB port 2 is always active regardless of the setting of these jumpers. Page 54 This field configures the number of sectors per track. There were no reports of returns in the US. Smart card system software compo- nents support various types of smart card applications; all system components are compatible with Windows 98, ME and Got it, continue to print.

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We liked the use of the C-Media sound chip, we also appreciated the quality of the manual and general appearance of the package. As you can see the performance-enhancing 1T command is present too. Find all posts by littlegreenmen Change the necessary BIOS settings, if any. Load Setup Defaults This option saves a7266-e selections without exiting the Setup program.


Click to find out more. Before attempting to configure a hard disk drive, make sure you have the configuration information supplied by the drive manufacturer. JP1 [] and JP2 [], 2. This boded well for our overclocking efforts. Some users abhor rotated sockets and some like them, I fall into the latter camp as it allows me comfortably attach and remove my heatsink from the motherboard without having auddio remove it from the case.


Unlike on some other boards, you can remove the memory without having to remove the AGP card, there is just enough space for you to do so. By reducing the multiplier to 8x, we were able to hit a stable FSB of Mhz. Although preferable for overclockers, it certainly puts an emphasis on good cooling. So, i can not find this setting.

Asus A7V266-E AA User Manual

However, we at Hexus expect a motherboard to perform well at stock speeds, we look at motherboard manufacturers to provide that something extra, whether it be with new, innovative features or with outstanding performance. Page 72 This allows an unattended or automatic system power up.

Product warranty or service will not be extended if: Send a private message to benjaminjames. Our trusty synthetic friend, SiSoft Sandra, leads the way. Please select [General] page to a7b266-e driver or select [Driver] page to update the driver.

ASUS A7V266-E – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT266A Series

We’ve been able to empirically prove that Pifast thrives not only on pure CPU xudio but also on memory throughput. The second warning, Offline, indicates that one hard disks in a striped array has failed, cannot be detected, or has become disconnected.


This allows an unattended or automatic system power up. Installs basic drivers to enable compatibility with audio and other special functions.

Find all posts by da BaSsTaRd! The control a7c266-e offers access to the Color Wizard tuning program, a Game Gamma setting and a Tweak slider for brightness adjustment.

Page of Go. We mentioned that the Asus seems to over-supply voltage at any given setting.

Careless updating can result in your motherboard having more problems! Am i missing it?

ASUS A7VE – VIA KTA Motherboard Roundup – January

The Asus is almost audioo in that it offers both jumper and jumper-free modes of operation. Use the default setting for better system reliability. The very top bank of switches controls the CPU multiplier when set to jumper mode. After you select this option, a confirmation window appears. The board also has a fail-safe booting mechanism.