Which one of them played the Marshall? And DIY is far more rewarding than acquiring commercial gear because something you built always sounds better than something you bought: The 6BQ6 is a TV sweep tube and can be had for almost free. If someone wants answers about using the tube at a different operating point than that referenced in the data sheet they’re pretty much out of luck. Most of the “noise” on stage suddenly disappeared and I’m mostly the only amp in the act.

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The metal NOS 6V6 tube, once costing almost twice the price of its now highly valued glass enveloped counterparts, is now considered to be fairly common, and is usually the cheapest NOS tube available, with many current production tubes costing more than its 60 6vv6 80 year older classic predecessor. I would like to use a triode trilde the 2a3 because it is so nice sounding and so popular with DIYers, but I do not want you to have to mess with the added complications involved with using a directly heated triode.

At fifteen feet it mellows into an acceptable sharpness.

6V6 Single-Ended (SE) Ultra Linear (UL) Bias Optimization

It is a great tube for guitar amps. This is a good thing if we ever plan to work on the amp after it has been powered on.

Using a large bit tends to create a slightly triangular hole because of the mation of the bit as the hole is drilled. And practicing with an attenuator is better than not practicing. This limits the region in which our operating point can reside.


It’s normal for the tubes to glow blue, so that’s not a problem. In the ” yawn ” category is the tube. This plot shows how the tgiode voltage should be changed as plate voltage is changed. Thus it was strange that by the early 90’s I was not really listening to classical music any more. Signal is ultra clean up to well over volts Tgiode.

Lower distortion is to the left, higher output power is toward the top. Your typical audio consumer is likely to expect all inputs and outputs to be on the rear of the smplifier and all controls to be onthe front. I am a violinist a hacker now, but a concert master decades ago and want the music I listen to, primarily classical and jazz, to sound like live performances. RCA claimed that beam power technology sounded just as good as true pentodes, but I beg to differ.

Maynard, Joe, and wdecho, thanks for your input as well. Instead of completely rebuilding the engine and boring triods 6 cylinders, Marty just bored out the one bad cylinder, installed 1 larger piston and bolted that sucker back up.

6v6 single ended amp in triode? – Talkin’ Tubes – The Klipsch Audio Community

A normal line stage will allow another 12db or more of amplification. My Marshall have a switch, it’s loss all the Ooops switching to triode mode.

With any luck that same novice solder slinger can extend the concepts illustrated here troode their own designs. Stuff from Angela Instruments: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. If we decrease the grid voltage to V, the plate voltage will be V and the plate current will be 35mA. The ” great ” category included a bronze, silver, and a gold medal winner.


Later I began playing the violin and eventually went to college on a music scholarship myself, taking the Philco innards with me. But I really don’t want to follow him on that.

Since your amp is stereo I suppose you’ll need two attenuators. And to get hard core, you could put the amp off stage somewhere with a mic in front of it, 6vv6 go through the PA that way. I also tried replacing the 6V6’s with 6L6’s but got the same result. The triode is biased to Class A operation by applying a suitable negative bias voltage to its input control grid see diagramor by raising the cathode potential with biasing components.

This is good to know. During the early listening phase I discovered my volume setting was always very low. This is not surprising since they all have very similar construction. When I get too anally-retentive about things, I like to think about a vintage Jaguar my friend Marty has.